Benjamin Jenner is an artist researcher living and working in London. Over the last three years they have contributed to all levels of Undergraduate Study at the University of Leeds as a Visiting Lecturer.

They are currently working towards completing a Fine Art practice-based PhD at the University of Leeds that explores the relationship between non-visuality and poetic form. Key to this enquiry is an examination of how the hierarchies and preferences implicit in accessing the world with the eyes impact on the qualities of the graphics, typography, information displays, and dialects employed to support the information about that space. Working within an academic environment invites reflection on how these relationships operate in the dissemination of information in that context. In  particular, how the qualities of embodied forms of information capture, such as blindfolded forest explorations, might be retained in the context of a conference, for example. These reflections have given rise to the performative re-presentations in evidence on this site, that have been shared at conferences, symposia, and gatherings. Far from this being a casual relationship, Benjamin considers this mode of dissemination a type of institutional critique that operates in support of embodied, sited, dialogic forms of language display. As such, Benjamin considers these works both art works and examples of reflective thinking in the language of the work.

In 2018 Benjamin became a member of the collective LOCAL SENSES. The collective devise public facing workshops that engage alternative ontological relationships with the world through reflective site-writing activities.

In 2022 Benjamin co-founded the research group READING AND WRITING BODIES IN SPACE. The group, consisting of artist researchers from across the UK, convene twice annually for bespoke in-person practice-oriented writing workshops.

The motivating concerns of Benjamin’s enquiry are the intersection of interpretive sensory phenomena with other object ontologies; translation; misinformation systems; hermeneutics.